Arş. Gör. Oğuz Doğan

 doganay Name : Oğuz DOĞAN
Title : Research Asistant
e-mail :
Tel :  40661 (İnternal)
Room Number :  DM 111
Working Areas : Gears, Lightweighting, Mechanical Design, Structural Optimization, Fault Detection and Monitoring
B.Sc Mechanical Enginnering Uludağ University (Bursa) 2008-2012
B.Sc Business Administration Anadolu University (Eskişehir) 2009-2013
MSc Mechanical Enginnering Uludağ University (Bursa) 2012-2015
PhD Mechanical Enginnering Uludağ University (Bursa) 2015-Continue
 International Journals (SCI-SCI Expanded Publications)
1) Dogan O., Karpat F., Yüce C., Kaya N., Yavuz N.,Sen H. A Novel Design Procedure For Tractor Clutch Fingers By Using Optimization And Response Surface Methods Journal Of Mechanical Science And Technology 2615-2625 30 2016
2) Karpat, F., Dogan, O., Yüce, C.,Ekwaro-Osire,S., ‘’An Improved Numerical Method for the Mesh Stiffness Calculation of Spur Gears with Asymmetric Teeth on Dynamic Load Analysis’’ Advances in Mechanical Engineering 9(8):168781401772185 · August 2017 DOI: 10.1177/1687814017721856
3) Dogan O., Yılmaz T.G., Karpat F. “Stress Analysis of Involute Spur Gears with Different Parameters by Finite Element and Graphical Method ”  Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University. (Accepted).
4) Karpat, F., Yüce, C., Dogan, O., Genc, M.O., Kaya, N. ‘’Design and Development of Tractor Clutch Using Combined Field and Bench Tests’’ Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering. (Accepted).
 Other  International Journals (Area Index Publications)
1) Kaynaklı Ö., Yüce C., Dogan O.,Kaynaklı Z. A Study On Determination Of Optimum Thermal İnsulation Thickness Using Life Cycle Cost Analysis International Journal Of Advances İn Mechanical And Civil Engineering 1-5 3 2015.
2) Tüfekçi M. Karpat F., Yüce C., Dogan O., Yılmaz T.G., Kaya N., Design Optimization of Aluminum Hinge Parts for Lightweight Vehicles: Performance, Durability and Manufacturability International Journal of Mechanical And Production Engineering 11-18 3 2015.
3) Karpat, F , Dogan, O , Yüce, C , Genç, M . “Design Verification of Tractor Clutch Cover under High Centrifugal Effect”. International Journal of Automotive Science and Technology 1 (2017): 29-33
 National Journals
1) Kaya, A., Aydın, O., Kamer, M.S., Dogan O., Experimental Investigation Of Drying Kinetics Of Gourd (Lagenaria Siceraria), KSU Journal of Engineering Sciences, 16(2) (2013) 37-41.
 Review Publications
1) Yuce, C., Karpat, F., Yavuz, N., Dogan, O. 2015 ” A Review On Advanced Joining Techniques Of Multi Material Part Manufacturing For Automotive Industry” Issue:5, Volume:3, pp: 63-68.
 International Congresses and Symposiums
1) Karpat, F., Dogan, O., Ekwaro-Osire, S., Yuce, C. 2014. “A Novel Method For Calculation Gear Tooth Stiffness For Dynamic Analysis of Spur Gears With Asymmetric Teeth” IMECE2014-39402 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Montreal / Canada.
2) Karpat, F., Engin, B., Dogan, O., Yuce, C., Yilmaz, T.G. 2014. “Effect of Rim Thickness on Tooth Root Stress and Mesh Stiffness of Internal Spur Gears” IMECE2014-39181 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Montreal / Canada.
3) Karpat, F., Dogan, O., Yuce, C., Kaya, N., Cengiz, N. 2014. “The Investigation of Stress Distribution of the Tractor Clutch Finger Mechanism by Using Finite Element Method” IMECE2014-39230 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Montreal / Canada.
4) Dogan, S., Guven, S., Yilmaz, T.G., Karpat, F., Dogan, O. 2014” Experimental Verification and Finite Element Analysis of Automotive Door Hinge” IMECE2014-39295 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Montreal / Canada.
5) Karpat F.,Ekwaro S.E Yılmaz T.G., Doğan O., Yüce C., Design And Analysis Of Internal Gears With Different Rim Thickness and Shapes, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition,  Houston-U.S 2015.
6) Dogan O., Karpat F., Kaya N., Yüce C.,Genç M.O Yavuz N., Optİmal Design Of Tractor Clutch PTO Finger By Using Topology and Shape Optimization, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Houston-U.S 2015.
7) Yılmaz T.G., Dogan, O., Karpat, F.,”Stress Analysis of Thin rimmed Spur Gears with Asymmetric Trochoid” MCM 2017 ICMIE International Conference on Mechanics and Industrial Engineering, Rome, Italy, June 8-10, 2017.
8) Karpat, F., Dogan, O., Yüce, C.,’’ Shape Optimization of an Overdesigned Chain Link by Using Desing of Experiment and Graphical Optimization, Proceedings of Academics World 66th International Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 21st -22nd May 2017
9) Yılmaz T.G.,  Dogan O., Yüce C., Karpat F.,  “Improvement of Loading Capacity of  Internal Spur Gear with Using Asymmetric Trochoid Profile”, IMECE 2017 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition “Tampa, Florida, ABD, November 3–9, 2017.
10) Tummala, S., Dogan, O., Karpat, F., Riahinezhad, F., Khandaker, M., ‘’Evaluation of Biomechanical Performances of Electrospun Fiber Anchored Silicone Disc as an Intervertebral Disc Implant’’ IMECE 2017 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition “Tampa, Florida, ABD, November 3–9, 2017
 National Conferences and Symposiums
1) Karpat, F., Dogan, O., Yuce, C., Kaya, N., Yavuz, N., Cengiz, G. 2014. “Traktör Debriyajı Parmak Mekanizmasının Analizi” 7. Otomotiv Teknolojileri Kongresi, BURSA.
2) Tüfekçi M. Yılmaz T.G., Yüce C., Doğan O., Karpat F., Otomobil Kapı Menteşesinin Bilgisayar Destekli Tasarımı, Analizi Ve Doğrulanması İstanbul Türkiye 33-41 8 2015.
 Research and Project Experience
1) STZ.2013-2 Long Life Clutch Design and Prototype Production with High Torque Transfer for New Generation Tractors (with VALEO Inc.)- Researcher (Scholarship Student)
2) STZ.2014 Modular Hinge Design, Optimization and Prototype Production for Light Commercial Vehicle Doors (with Rollmech Automotive Inc.)- Researcher (Co-Staff)
3) OUAP(MH)-2014/25 Experimental Investigation of Impact Load Resistance of Involute Gears – Uludag University Scientific Research Projects – Researcher (Scholarship Student)
4) Development of an Improvement and Maintenance Model Specific to Overhead Conveyor Lines” Tübitak 1505 University-Industry Cooperation Support Program, Project No: 5140084 – Scholarship  PhD. Student
5) DKTM/2014/01-01 Development of Special Surface Design and Analysis Methods for High Performance Asymmetric Spur Gears – TUSAŞ–Turkish Air Industry (TAI). PhD. Student.
6) MEV-2019-097 Development of Theoretical and Experimental Methods for Detecting the Life of Dental Implants with Different Designs and Coatings- Collaboration with University of Central Oklahoma (Co-Staff)
1) Placed 2nd among the undergraduate students in department of mechanical engineering 2012.
2) Placed 1st 2015 Uludag University Student Rewards among the master students.
 American Society of Mechanical Engineers- ASME 2017-18
 Office Hours : Internship commission consultation hours
 Monday 11:00-12:00
 Thursday 11:00-12:00