Mechanical Engineering

Explorer on Mars, surgical instruments, airports at sea, power plants, cars… all of them have to do with mechanical engineering. Whether it’s a dentist’s drill or a tunnel drill, a complete production and assembly line or a CD player, roller skates or high-speed trains: mechanical engineers design, develop and build a wide range of technical systems and mechanisms for the industry and for consumers.

Every Day
Once something moves, once a machine does useful work, once energy is converted, mechanical engineering is involved. Even in many static structures and products such as a desk or a ballpoint pen, mechanical engineering has played a role. Mechanical engineering has become an indispensable part of our lives. Throughout history man has practiced mechanical engineering to make life more comfortable.

Such an extensive field requires a wide range of thoroughly based knowledge. Being open-minded and creative is also important. The course includes subjects such as: mechanics, materials science, fluid dynamics, informatics, control engineering and production technology. You will learn how to structure your creativity and put it to use.